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Increased safety and efficiency with HERNIS CCTV

Talisman Malaysia, Bunga Orkid "A" Central Processing Platform

Hydrocarbons have been discovered in commercial quantities in seven fields in the PM3 Commercial Arrangement Area (PM3 CAA). These fields, for which Talisman Malaysia Ltd. will act as operator, are West Bunga Kekwa, East Bunga Kekwa – Cai Nuoc Bunga Raya, Bunga Orkid, Bunga Pakma, North Bunga Pakma, Bunga Seroja and Norwest Bunga Raya. Fixed Production platforms will be installed though out the expected 20 years commercial life of the PM3 CAA to recover, process and export the associated oil and gas.


The Bunga Orkid and Pakma fields are collectively referred to as Northern Fields within the context of the PM3 CAA. The development of Bunga Orkid fields represents Phase 5 of the PM3 CAA development and will comprise a Central Production Platform (CPP) with a number of Wellhead Riser Platforms (WHRP’s) to process and export oil, gas and condensate from these fields. The gas will be dehydrated and compressed for transportation by pipeline to Bunga Raya-E Gas Processing Platform (BR-E) located in the south of the PM-3 CAA for final conditioning prior to being exported. The crude oil and condensate will be fully stabilized and then transported by pipeline to an adjacent Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) facility.


The core facilities for the Northern Fields development (Phase 5) comprise:


  • Bunga Orkid A Central Processing Platform (BO-A CPP)
  • Bunga Orkid B Wellhead Riser Platform (BO-B WHRP), located approximately 2.5km from BO-D WHRP
  • Bunga Orkid C Wellhead Riser Platform (BO-C WHRP), located approximately 5.5km from the BO-D WHRP
  • Bunga Orkid D Wellhead Riser Platform (BO-D WHRP), bridge-linked to BO-A CPP
  • BO-A CPP Remote Flare, bridge-linked to BO-A CPP
  • Floating, Storage and Offloading (FSO) facility, located approximately 2km from the BO-D WHRP


These platforms and associated facilities will act as the gathering and processing centre for production from Bunga Orkid.


To increase safety and efficiency, an integrated HERNIS 500 CCTV System and Equipment have been installed covering the BO-A CPP and the remote WHRP’s (BO-B and BO-C). All cameras are Exd certified (Ex286W) and all the high quality real time video images captured are directly downloaded on HERNIS 500 Network Video Recorder. On each WHRP, one camera is dedicated to view the boat landing area to monitor personnel transfers and to safeguard from intruders when the platform is unmanned. The other cameras will view the wellhead area to provide visual status and safety information to the Control Room Operator on BO-A.


On BO-A, several cameras has been deployed on the top deck to enable viewing of the heli-deck, flare tower and top deck in general. Some cameras are located on the platform north side at Mezzanine Deck level, to facilitate viewing of BO-D and BO-A/BO-D bridge as well as the process areas within BO-A. Moreover, cameras are installed on the Cellar Deck to cover processes in this area and on the south-west corner of the platform at Mezzanine Deck level to monitor the muster areas, Lifeboats and Walkways.


The BO-A CPP and its WHRP BO-B/C and D will be installed in the PM-3 Commercial Arrangement Area (CAA) located between Vietnam and Malaysia offshore, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Laila Grebjerg Wiklund, HERNIS Scan Systems AS

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